Episode 5: Breakfast



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Episode Summary: 03-05-2012 | Presented by Rockford College Radio and Sock Monkey Sound
“Breakfast” is the 5th episode of Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff & Things Radio Hour. Songs about morning goodness for our mouths, stomachs and ears by The Replacements, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Chiddy Bang, Blur, John Lurie, Andre Williams, and more.  Thom Derby stops by the diner to tell America why breakfast is important to his company.  Online song requests by Debbie DeCastris (#1, #7), Justin Carl Perkins (#2-3), and Dominic Squicciarrini (#15) are played.  Voicemails by Mossy Vaughn, who needs a toaster to start a cafe in his garage, and Joe Meoni introduces himself for the first time, to tell us about his favorite pizza and other stuff & things Andy mashed up to a GAYNGS/DOOMTREE song.


The Replacements

The Replacements

Episode 5 Playlist: Breakfast

  1. Bone Thugz-n-Harmony1st of the Month – Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
  2. Beer For Breakfast – The Replacements
  3. Black Coffee In Bed – Squeeze
  4. Coffee & TV – Blur
  5. Toast – Archers of Loaf
  6. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee – Freedy Johnson  (Original by Tom T. Hall)
  7. The Coffee Song (They’ve Got An Awful Lot of Coffee In Brazil) – Frank Sinatra & Alex Stordahl
  8. Pancakes – Marvin Pontiac (John Lurie, Marc Ribot, Tony Scherr)
  9. French Toast – 3rd Bass
  10. Burnt Biscuits – Triumphs
  11. Bacon Fat – Andre Williams
  12. Breakfast In America – Supertramp
  13. Breakfast – Chiddy Bang
  14. GAYNGS / DOOMTREESprinkle Juice (Lazerbreak Regrind) – GAYNGS w/ DOOMTREE (Mashup with Voicemail Winner, Joe Meoni)
  15. Gimme Some Lovin’ – G. Love & Special Sauce


Episode 5 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Thom Derby
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Thomas Derby, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Dominick Squicciarini, Jason Vaughn
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Joe Meoni, Justin Carl Perkins, Debbie DeCastris
Guest Narratives: Thomas Derby, Joe Meoni
Voicemail Winner: Joe Meoni
Episode Sponsors: Rockford College Radio, Kryptonite Bar, Sock Monkey Sound, Derby | Reynolds, Potatoe Shack in Loves Park, IL.
Episode Thank Yous: Dominick Squicciarini, Debbie DeCastris, Justin Carl Perkins, FRANCH TOES TUH

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