Episode 19: The Midwest Sound


Episode 19, The Midwest Sound.  This episode features artists and songs centered around the Rockford, IL area region. Note, no Cheap Trick is featured on this episode.  Warning, deep cuts and go f*ck yourselves to the entire northern IL region are a plenty.  Lord Derby takes the lead on a few songs and more.

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Season 2  | Episode 19 Playlist

1. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Winterlong
521667_127550700725198_1461272786_n-300x3002. La Historia – Wrong Things Right
3. Marvin Tate – If You See Jesus
4. Mana Kintorso – Queen of the Neighborhood
5. Chicago – Where Do We Go From Here
6. Aorta – What’s In My Mind’s Eye
7a. Lord Thomas Derby – Mister Meerasaké:  Chapter 1
7b. Heroic Doses – Married To The Scene
8. Judah The Lyrical Rev – The Rockford Files
9. Xen – Man’s World
10. Black Lung – Just Like Heaven
11. Lizard Skynard – Yazzmaster
12. Black Squirrel – The Story of Edgar
13. Michelle Williams – The Greatest (Jason Nevins Remix)
14. Lord Thomas Derby & Cory Chisel with The Wandering Sons – I Wish I Had Known
15.  Derek Luttrell – Lonesome
16. E.I.E.I.O. – This Time
17. JBe & Bill Dolan – Ferment The Taste (Instrumental Under Narration)
18. Trenchmouth – A Man Without Lungs
19. Liz Phair – Stratford-On-Guy
20. Pete Yorn – On Your Side
21. Red Red Meat – Rosewood, Stax, Volts and Glitter
22. Bloom – Breeze
23. Table & Chairs – Shedding Light
24. The Braves – O’ Vira
25. The Flying Lüttenbachers – Tiamet en Arc
Liz-Phair-Exile-In-Guyville-300x30026. NOFX – The Decline
27. ON AN ON – Panic
28. Dane Penn – Red Pearls
29. Lord Thomas Derby – Lord Thomas Derby’s 115th Dream
30. My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult – Sexplosion
31. Matt Ulery – To Lose Your Mind
32. My God The Heat – The Continuing Decline Of Customer Service In The Food And Beverage Industry

Episode 19 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Lord Thomas Derby
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Lord Thom Derby
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Lord Derby, Jaime Connelly, Jon Weber
Episode Sponsors: Derby | Reynolds, SockMonkeySound.com
Episode Shoutouts: Brad Wood, Cory Chisel, Cheeses Crust, Lord Thomas Derby, Mayor Larry Morrissey, Cheap Truck

© 2013 SongsAboutStuffAndThings.com Written by Andy Whorehall, Dave DeCastris and Lord Thomas Derby. Performed By Andy Whorehall, Lord Thomas Derby, Reggie Railroad Reynolds.  

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