Episode 10: Boredom

Monet, art, boredom.

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Episode Summary: 04-16-2012 | Presented by Rockford College Radio and Sock Monkey Sound
“Boredom” is episode 10 in Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff & Things Radio Hour.  The boys talk about what bores them, John Mayer, and they fulfill online & phone song requests by Russell Gillespie, Erica Softley, and Alex “Danger” Stewart.  Songs by Lupe Fiasco, Built To Spill, Al Jolson, Sparks, Paul Westerberg, Cracker and more.

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco, The Cool

Episode 10 Playlist: Boredom

  1. Good Ol’ Boredom – Built To Spill
  2. March of the Pigs – Nine Inch Nails
  3. Fighters – Lupe Fiasco w/ Matthew Santos
  4. Lazy – Marilyn Monroe
  5. Lazy – Bill Frisell
  6. Lazy – Al Jolson
  7. Zutto – Boredoms
  8. Boredom – The Lovin’ Spoonful
  9. Nothing To Do – Sparks
  10. Nothing To Do – Icehouse
  11. World Is Full Of Crashing Bores – Morrissey
  12. Nothing To Do But Today – Isley Brothers
  13. Vultures – John Mayer
  14. Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep – Mogwai
  15. Boring Enormous – Paul Westerberg
  16. Useless Stuff – Cracker

Episode 10 Credits
Created & Produced by: Andy Whorehall
Executive Producer: Thomas Derby
Written by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Thom Derby, Russell Gillespie, Erica Softley
Song Selections by: Andy Whorehall, Reggie Railroad Reynolds, Russell Gillespie, Erica Softley, Alex “Danger” Stewart
Guest Narratives: Thomas Derby, Alex “Danger” Stewart
Episode Sponsors: Derby | Reynolds
Episode Shoutouts: Lawn mowers, art, poverty, John Mayer
Episode Thank Yous: Rockford College Radio

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Irving Berlin wrote “Lazy”, as performed by Al Jolson.  

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