Advertising & Sponsoring Campaign

We are seeking additional universities and businesses to help with continuing the podcast production beyond episode 24, our scheduled series finale.

Andy & Reggie’s Songs About Stuff and Things Radio Hour is currently ending it’s second season.  24 episodes in total, 12 episodes per season including the summer special.  We are currently enjoying a winter break after finishing the holiday special at the end of 2012.  The final six episodes are in pre-production for sharing soon.  Episode 24 is planned as being the series finale unless we find supportive financial options–crowd-sourcing maybe– and advertising solutions to continue doing the show.

To date, the show has been produced out of an act of love for sharing music and entertaining anyone and everyone with nonsense because today’s radio stations rarely play good music and younger generations seem to be exposed by influential digital crap more often than not.  Our goal was to share good music and artists that tend to fly under the radar, and many deep cuts and rarities by major artists that many have no knowledge of hearing, centered around subjects (stuff and things).

The show is a one-man production that has received no financial backing; though, we didn’t consider or have time to think about it til now.  It is produced with our own equipment and personal library of music. Sock Monkey Sound hosts the show and Rockford College Radio endorses and airs it.  Both are necessary for the podcast show to exist in an educative manner due to copyright laws that could affect the song selections we play per show.  We are lucky to have SMS and RCR involved but we can’t continue to produce another season of episodes without a necessary evil–money–to compensate the time it takes to produce, write, perform, record and edit a single episode for sharing.  We believe financial backing will reward a wider listening audience that can be reached with proper advertising and additional universities in tow to air and share the show.

What does my business get for this kind of advertising, sponsorship, and contributions to the podcast show?

A cultured, younger demographic that’s already seeking alternative methods to listen to music and view videos by streaming podcasts on their smart mobile devices and laptops via iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify and more.   We know our audience and it’s not for those who do prefer culture-less radio stations with ten minute commercial breaks before playing another song no one will remember in one hour or one year. Take a listen to 97.5 WZOK, 104.9 WXRX, in Rockford, IL and so many more just like these stations all over America.  Today’s hits, tomorrow’s nothing.

Why should my business or university consider podcast marketing VS. radio?

Traditional radio is a dinosaur and your ad dollars are reaching soccer moms and big city commuters stuck in cars–but that’s about it.   If you’re looking for new methods to reach a wider audience, the kids are not listening to the radio.

Why should my business or university consider supporting Songs About Stuff And Things?

Songs About Stuff And Things is for those who want to hear good music, learn something new, be entertained without thinking too hard, and laugh or scratch your heads in aural wonder.  If you’re looking to step out of the box and away from conservative marketing methods, here’s your chance.  If not, well, there’s a McDonalds and a fake church every two miles to keep your thoughts safe.

My business decision needs more proof before supporting Songs About Stuff And Things?

We believe we’ve done that already with the episodes we’ve produced sans financial backing.  You have many options to listen:  Feel free to download them  or stream them in the iTunes store, at SockMonkeySound, Rockford CollegeR adio, and here on our site if you’re sticking around to review.  If you’re interested, you should read further.

What kind of advertising does my business get by supporting Songs About Stuff And Things?

We research your company, product, services, etc., and devise podcast episode commercial spots for your team to approve, but the best commercials will be the most entertaining, often tying into the episode’s production and editing. Note that limiting our commercial production approval process means limiting the show’s flow, hence, limiting an audience from remembering your business name.  If you fear you’re this type of company or organization that has their hats on too tight, you will not enjoy working with us.   We’re not looking to produce conservative crap you can hear on any radio station, we want people to remember your business.  We specialize in creative, clever, crazy marketing–not conservative crap.  If you’re wondering about our qualifications, we are experienced, educated marketers with over 17 years in advertising and marketing.  Podcasting is a digital marketing tool as well as an entertaining one that can reach new ears and a younger demographic.

The options are limitless; if you prefer a clever professional commercial jingle and an agreement allows for it in cost and production for us to produce it for our show as well as for other media outlets (radio stations) you want to use it for, we are partners with The Midwest Sound in Rockford, IL, professional recording and commercial audio studio.

What kind of advertising options, terms and conditions should my business or organization expect by supporting Songs About Stuff And Things?

Again, the options for advertising and sponsoring our show are limitless with negotiable, contracted costs. Single episode agreements or a season package can be arranged.  Each season has 12 episodes.  Contracts require signatures and payments in full per single episode advertising agreements.  Season package contract agreements will contain 3 scheduled payments per four episode blocks.  Delays in payments means delays in episode production and also delays for other advertisers who have paid.  No exceptions for late payments by any advertiser will be made to allow production to stall.   Missed scheduled payments–be it one day or four weeks–will mean no advertising or call out per episode scheduled for production during that block of episodes being produced in a season package agreement.

If you’d like to proceed further with making the life of this show possible beyond 24 episodes, please contact us below.